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A major purchase can be menacing, so how do you know if you’re getting the best rate? Mortgage Quotes Elite recommends starting by comparing lenders in reference to your individual needs and realistic price range.

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Compare and Negotiate


There are countless and ever changing options in the mortgage lending market; rates can change daily. Look in your newspaper for a starting point, and then contact a loan officer. Brokers will frequently keep overages in the form of various fees. It is best to get the offer and its breakdown in writing. Negotiate with the lender and be alert to simultaneous lowering and raising of other fees, so it doesn’t seem they are giving a better deal when in reality they are not. Remember, make no reservations when negotiating with multiple loan officers; under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and the Fair Housing Act, fair lending is your right by Law.

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Explain any Bad Credit


Don’t let your past credit problems dictate your loan choices. If your circumstances that resulted in bad credit were out of your control, explain this event to the broker. Ask how you can still get the best rate, and again, negotiate.

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Lock in your Rate


Once you have considered your realistic price range, compared loans, and negotiated with brokers, choose the loan that is right for you. With fees and costs, the lowest interest rate isn’t always the best deal. Once satisfied, lock in your rate as it could change quickly in an unstable market.

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To help us pin-point and guide your needs, What are you looking for?

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New Home

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